The award-winning “Het hele soepzootje” is the latest book by Dutch author and journalist Floor Bal. Explaining the origin of our planet, the universe and humans is no easy matter. Still, even very young children have questions about this subject. When did the universe arise? When and how did man come to earth?

There are loads of books about this subject for older children. But “Het hele soepzootje” is the first picture book that explains these big questions to children from ages four and up.

Step by step the most important developments are explained: the big bang, the beginning of life and its evolution and finally the rise of the humans.

For this book Dutch journalist Floor Bal worked closely with illustrator Sebastiaan van Doninck.  The Danish translation Èn stor suppedas is published by the Turbine publishing company. Canadian publishing house Kids Can will be releasing It started with a big bang in october. A Chinese version will follow in 2019.

Bal received the Dutch Vlag en Wimpel Award 2019 for ‘Het hele soepzootje’. The book has been nominated by the Belgium Kinder- en Jeugdjury 2020.